Simple IIIF Digital Exhibit w/ Mirador

Using Glitch to remix the Mirador 3 project provided by @mejackreed to create a simple digital exhibit with IIIF viewer functionality.

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Created by: @chrissauerwald

Selected photos from the Jacob K. Javits: Life & Legacy exhibit at Stony Brook University Libraries

Original images hosted at: Jacob K. Javits: Life & Legacy

Early life and family history

Born in a tenement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on May 18, 1904, Javits was the son of Ida Javits (mother) and Morris Javits (father). Both of his parents were Jewish immigrants, Morris from what is now Ukraine and Ida from Palestine.

85 Stanton Street: Birthplace of Jacob K. Javits on Lower East Side of NYC

Photo of 85 Stanton Street circa 1958

Javits's father Morris met his mother Ida while they both worked sewing clothes in a sweatshop in the burdgeoning garment district of NYC. Later Morris would work for the rest of his life as a janitor while Ida was an "entrepreneur" of sorts with a string of small businesses including selling second-quality pots and pans from the corner of Orchard Street. Jacob Javits recalled that as a child he hawked the products by calling out to pedestrians and credits this experience with helping to develop his public speaking voice.

Javits at the dedication of a plaque at the site of his birth, pictured with Benjamin A. Javits (brother), Joshua Javits (son), and Harry Perlis. Plaque states: "U.S. Senator Jacob K. Javits was born in this building May 18, 1904."

Videography of the life and career of Senator Jacob Javits